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Ability to determine position, contribution to determine value
The company insists that human resources are the principle of the first resource, and the quantity is only applicable. It can be used to determine the post, and the competition mechanism under energy and energy can be used to stimulate the potential and creativity of the employees. The conditions for the growth of the talents and the value of the talents can be improved. Capabilities and Contributions Measure the value of employees to the company, and make outstanding talents with good moral character, diligent work, strong business abilities, and high work efficiency stand out.

Make staff better and make the company more outstanding
The company attaches great importance to the career development of each employee, implements all-staff training, establishes a learning-type team, and develops and provides multi-faceted and multi-level domestic and foreign professional training for employees, including new employee training, management training, overseas visits, and visits. To comprehensively improve the overall quality of employees and business capabilities. Through various types of training, not only the personal value of employees has been improved, but also the company’s overall knowledge structure has been continuously updated and the company’s overall competitiveness has been continuously improved.

Communicate with heart and mind
At Costar, the goal and purpose of the superior and subordinate work is to achieve the desired result. The company encourages its employees to offer advice and suggestions. An excellent person must first think and eloquence at Koske, and secondly dare to break the rules and present his own opinions.

People are in right place, suitable for others, all-round development
In terms of employing people, we pay special attention to the investigation and adjustment of fitness. Once there are suitable opportunities, employees will be redeployed to another post and another area to reach new areas and challenge new goals. Therefore, many people are all-round talents who are home to the world. They are confidently developing their vision and career.