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Advantages of oxidized polyethylene wax
Source: | Author:kesikeen | Publish time: 500 days ago | 74 Views | Share:
  High-density oxidized polyethylene wax OA9 is a high-temperature lubricant for oxidative polymerization of polymers. It has a certain amount of carboxyl and hydroxyl in the molecule. It is a functional processing aid with excellent performance. OA9 is useful for the production of PVC foam board, WPC, etc. Compared with ordinary oxidized   polyethylene, PVC products have the following advantages:

  1 Increase plasticization while reducing torque;

  2 Can reduce the adhesive force of thermoplastic melting and increase the fluidity of the melt, improve demoulding, and increase output;

  3 Improve the gloss of finished products and improve the appearance;