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Features of latex paint
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  1. Using water as the dispersion medium, safe and low pollution, generally only contains less than 5% of the co-solvent, and is low-toxic

  2. Convenient construction, all kinds of painting, rolling, spraying, and easy cleaning of tools after construction

  3. The latex coating has good air permeability and can be applied on the surface of wet substrates, and it is also very suitable for construction in hot and humid environments

  4. Metal latex paint is diluted with water and has no fire hazard. It is very suitable for the cross operation of painting and welding in the shipbuilding industry.

  5. The coating dries quickly, allowing recoating within 0.5~2h, greatly shortening the construction period

  6. Latex paint has high solid content under construction viscosity, and the coating film is thick at one time, which improves construction efficiency

  7. The resin of the emulsion dispersion system has high relative molecular weight, good weather resistance, and good mechanical properties, alkali resistance and water resistance. It has good gloss and decoration as architectural paint; it has general protective performance as metal latex paint

  8. The disadvantage of latex coatings is poor low-temperature film-forming properties, and generally need to be applied above 10°C; the coating is fake and short-flowing, easy to thicken, poor fluidity and wet film leveling; after water volatilizes, the viscosity rises rapidly, and the coating film is easy to produce Bubbles and pinholes; the surface tension of water is large, and the coating has poor wettability to the substrate. In the process of paint making and use, strong mechanical force will destroy the stability of latex coatings and cause the coatings to flocculate and deteriorate.