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KSK1518 Biological Latex
    Publish time 2018-05-17 09:50    
Product Instruction
This product is made from natural adhesives by complex modification. It can partly replace the petroleum latex, without affecting the strength and ink absorbency of the coating, thereby reducing the cost and improving the quality of the paper.
Basic Properties:
◆Appearance:Colorless transparent viscous liquid
◆Effective content%:50±2
◆Solubility:Dissolved easily in water
Product Expertise:
◆It is easy to use and is directly added to the ingredient grooves.
◆More than 40% of the latex can be replaced, thus saving the cost.
◆Improve the strength of the coating and improve the printing performance of paper.
◆The product is added to the 2-5% of dry pigment and can be used instead of oil based latex by 1:1.
◆The first process is directly added after the pigment is dispersed well. 
◆According to the needs of the use, the amount of addition is different. It is suggested that the user first pass the small test to determine the amount of addition before it is used in large quantities.
Storage and package:
◆ Plastic drum packing: Net weight 200 kg / barrel, 1000 kg / barrel.
◆Stored in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight, storage temperature is between 5-35 ℃.
◆ Shelf life is 3 months.